Vehicle rental Ireland are a vehicle management company, with our sister company Secure Fleet Ltd we specialize in small or medium sized fleets where the company does not have a dedicated fleet manager, yet requires a professional approach to the overall management of their vehicles. We provide a top class service and all work is carried out by our multi franchise trained mechanic and is carried out in house at our state of the art workshop.


Service Scheduling:

It makes business sence to keep your vehicles on the road in the beat condition, with that in mind we use customized fleet management software for scheduling and maintaining your vehicles’full service records. Management Reporting: Nothing is taken for granted at VRI. Updates, maintenance and vehicle abuse reports are provided on a regular basis throughout the year.

Accident Management:

Unfortunately accidents do happen, but if and when an incident occurs, we will minimize the upset by providing a comparable replacement vehicle when necessary.We will give you expert insurance claims assistance and an in house vehicle damage estimate you can trust. Finally quality assured repairs will be undertaken on your behalf in top quality repair centre. Nationwide roadside assistance and breakdown service. Get back on the road quickly with our countrywide roadside assistance. Choose your cover from emergency repairs, towing, glass replacement to overnight accommodation and on line messaging.

Road Licensing Administration:

We will take care of all the boring administration that always seems to take up so much time.Leave it to us to tax and renew tax on all vehicles. We will gladly organize doe and NCT tests and pre-test as well as administering the inevitable fines incurred by the fleet.

Pick up and drop for service:

We pre-arrange collection and return of vehicles, we will provide a replacement vehicle for the duration of routine maintenance and breakdown and of course the appropriate insurance cover will be maintained throughout the process.